Low Energy Consumption Concept

The building accounts for nearly 40% of national energy consumption and industry 14.4%. In a context of rising energy prices, the French government is committed to reducing its energy consumption and improving its energy efficiency by adopting the Energy-Climate Package. In this perspective, it is important for economic actors to measure their energy consumption and to implement actions to improve their use.

The pre-energy diagnosis is a study whose purpose is to make an initial assessment of the potential energy savings, and to facilitate the identification and implementation of actions to control economically profitable energy consumption.

Production :

The energy pre-diagnosis is carried out in 3 steps:

• Site visit and investigation (processes and buildings)

• Data collection (gas, oil, electricity, etc.)

• Study report and presentation of results

The service provides a report presenting the results of the study as well as recommendations for reducing energy consumption. These recommendations make it possible to prioritize the actions to be implemented to:

• Short terms: 5 to 10% energy savings for near immediate ROI

• Average terms: 10 to 20% energy savings for ROIs up to 36 months

• Long terms: more than 20% energy savings for ROI over 36 months

Support for EMCO2 Solution:

EMCO2 Solution uses its expertise in energy engineering to carry out the study and offers you the technological solutions most relevant to your business. Thanks to its partnership with a consulting firm in energy management, EMCO2 Solution also supports you in carrying out a more in-depth study (energy audit, feasibility study, etc.) and the conduct of energy efficiency works .

Associated services :

In order to go further in measuring and reducing your environmental footprint, EMCO2 Solution carries out the Bilan Carbone® of your company to assess the GHG emissions linked to your activity (inputs, freight, waste, etc.) beyond your consumption of energy.